Keynote Speaker Carsten K. Rath

The number 1 customer service and leadership expert in Germany

Here’s what others have to say about Carsten K. Rath’s CV: The best service everyone wants – he enthuses customers. Leadership moves everyone – he moves leaders. He has led thousands of employees around the world and shaped the service culture of numerous companies. The feedback from his audiences speaks volumes, for he speaks their language. Carsten K. Rath is your keynote speaker on leadership and customer service!

The entrepreneur Carsten K. Rath is a keynote speaker on the topics of leadership and Service Excellence . The television channel n-tv calls him the ‘number 1 customer service expert in Germany’. Dietmar Axt, CEO of the Mustang Group, says the following about him: ‘Carsten Rath is a leader – he is Germany’s number 1 expert on leadership.’ As a speaker, he provides market leaders, as well as emerging young brands from a wide range of industries, with techniques to boost customer enthusiasm. His strategy – every impulse and every tip – comes from experienced leadership practice: Carsten K. Rath is an expert on leadership and customer service because he is successful as an entrepreneur – not vice versa.

Two topics, one philosophy

From life to the stage: Carsten K. Rath is one of the few keynote speakers in Germany who has the same level of expertise and experience in two topics: Customer service and leadership. Both of these aspects go hand-in-hand: service as the central unique selling feature of the future, leadership as a key factor for the company’s success.
What they have in common: radical customer orientation at all levels in the company. The result: Customer enthusiasm.
Carsten K. Rath has been a leader and entrepreneur for more than 25 years.

Single-Source Expertise

From the company to the stage: Carsten K. Rath speaks from experience, for experience. The creative techniques, strategies and implementation advice for leadership and Service Excellence provided in his lectures come from his personal experience in his own companies. As an entrepreneur in his own business, he invests his passion for quality and enthusiasm for excellence in a wide range of brands, which are all interrelated. As the founder of the management consultancy, he provides companies of all sizes with the attention and implementation support necessary for customer enthusiasm.

Excellent References

From research to the stage: Carsten K. Rath has already received a whole series of awards and acknowledgments from research bodies for his work as a speaker and an entrepreneur. He has been awarded, among others, the German Tourism Industry’s Innovation Prize, as well as Employer of the Year, Hotel Manager of the Year and Host of the Year, for his innovative power in service and leadership. As keynote speaker, he received the ‘Special Award for Extraordinary Performance’ from ‘Five Star Speakers’. Three universities have also appointed him as a lecturer in leadership and customer service.

Renowned in the media

From the media to the stage: In the media, Carsten K. Rath is also regarded as an expert in customer service and leadership. He currently writes four regular columns: In BILANZ he describes, from an entrepreneur’s point of view, what freedoms modern leaders need today to create customer enthusiasm. For FALSTAFF, he comments on current trends in service and lifestyle. At XING Klartext, he expresses his opinion about developments in business and leadership. And in AHGZ, he writes practice-oriented, sustainable service solutions.

Up to date with the times

From the future to the stage: Digitisation changes everything – and Carsten K. Rath’s concepts, methods and strategies go with these changing times. His lectures will show you the way to a successful future in industry 4.0: service will be the principal unique selling feature in the future, and leadership will be more important than ever. To ensure customer enthusiasm, radical customer orientation is the secret of the success of digital pioneers – and it is Carsten K. Rath’s primary focus.
His life motto was never more appropriate than now: It’s always all or nothing!


As an entrepreneur, Carsten K. Rath continues to experience that which he speaks. His style of leadership is just as unconventional as his lectures: straightforward, honest, sympathetic. He is just as open-minded within the organisation as in his mind. He is deeply convinced that freedom and trust are better management tools than dependency and control. And that a pinch of obsession hasn’t yet hurt an entrepreneur. He implements his philosophy of radical customer orientation in his companies in the hospitality industry, as well as in his management consultancy, From his daily work as an entrepreneur, his audiences particularly benefit from: The advice he provides to make their own companies successful.

Management Consultant

During his lectures, Carsten K. Rath draws from his experience as a management consultant to provide a wealth of examples and stories from market leaders. He is the founder of – management consulting for customer enthusiasm. Market leaders from a wide range of industries in Germany and abroad rely on his advice and management model. Service and leadership are the keys to the digital future – and Carsten K. Rath is an expert with both. With this unique double perspective, he has already given advice and support to Mercedes, Siemens, Deutsche Telekom, Lufthansa, L’Oréal, McDonald’s, Porsche, Mustang and numerous other market leaders. With his young team and an internal think tank, he also helps start-ups and introduces young entrepreneurs to the keys to digital success– always up to date with market changes and looking to the future.

University lecturer

The service providers and managers of the future will also get their money’s worth from Carsten K. Rath’s lectures: the experience and know-how of successful entrepreneurs for the benefit of the managers of tomorrow. Carsten K. Rath earned his experience firsthand: He has three teaching posts at renowned universities, where he passes on his knowledge of leadership and service. He has been teaching ‘The CKR Leadership Principle’ at the Worms Fachhochschule since 2007. The Bad Honnef-Bonn International University of Applied Sciences appointed him as lecturer for ‘Hospitality Multi-Unit Management’ in 2011. And since 2014, the Fachhochschule Salzburg has been relying on his innovative talent for the ‘Development of Innovative Products and Services in Hospitality’ course. Many of his students today work successfully as leaders or have become competing entrepreneurs – the most beautiful award a mentor could wish for.


Whoever enjoys Carsten K. Rath’s lectures will love his books. In them, he devotes himself deeply to the topics that also characterise him as a speaker: Leadership, which gives employees freedom, and service, which enthuses the customer. Reading his books is like being one of his customers: You get more than you originally expected. The extensive life experience of this globetrotter and entrepreneur delivers its full effect here. Carsten K. Rath’s adventures on his way to entrepreneurial freedom reveal the keys to success – there won’t be a dry eye in the house. He doesn’t omit the bumps on the road to success. He instead explains how failings are simply something which every leader must experience time and time again. His stories about geniuses and complete failures in customer service are both enlightening and amusing at the same time. Carsten K. Rath’s books are an extension of his lectures to take away: exciting, comprehensive and colourful.