Have-it-all rather
than either-or!

One business card is not enough for Carsten K. Rath. Luckily he doesn’t need them anymore. He manages grand hotels, advises managers and management teams, appears as a keynote speaker, writes books, teaches students… However he still has a clear answer if you ask what he does for a living. Firstly and above all Carsten K. Rath is an entrepreneur – out of conviction.

Carsten K. Rath - Leadership philosophy

Leadership philosophy

Carsten K. Rath sees leadership as the cultivation of relationships. Painting by numbers is not his thing. His management style is just as unconventional as his companies: straightforward, honest, likeable.

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Behind every strong entrepreneur there is a strong team. Carsten K. Rath refers to a think tank for his management and service expertise that works intensively on the principle of relevance.

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Carsten K. Rath - Know-how

Carsten K. Rath - Partners


Success needs strong partners. Carsten K. Rath works with the following companies and personalities, among others.

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The competence of a company can no more be counted in stars than can the quality of a hotel. Nevertheless, Carsten K. Rath has received awards that he is proud of.

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Carsten K. Raths - Award from the Niagara University