What does the ‘K’ in Carsten K. Rath really stand for?

Over the years various friends, colleagues and clients of Carsten K. Rath have created different winking legends regarding the meaning of the mysterious initial. Since he established the ‘Kameha Grand Hotels & Resorts’ brand, thus giving the guessers an easy clue, their level of inventiveness has been reduced greatly.

K for Kameha – that must be it! But it isn’t. Carsten K. Rath still likes the real story best: In his family it is tradition to give every male child the name of his grandfather as a second name.
His grandfather’s name was Karl.

Carsten K. Rath - Vita


The speaker Carsten K. Rath is also a manager of grand hotels and an author. As a keynote speaker he speaks passionately about his topics of leadership and service excellence.

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In great demand globally as a keynote speaker

Carsten K. Rath can look back on 20 years of leadership and service excellence – and still he is always looking to the future.

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Keynote-Speaker Carsten K. Rath

Author - Carsten K. Rath


Reading Carsten K. Rath is like being a guest at his hotels: get ready for some surprises. His books are full of surprises and anecdotes from his eventful career.

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University lecturer

Carsten K. Rath believes that the search for talent is the responsibility of the management. As CEO of his own hotel brand with many years of experience in international management he knows all about the challenges facing the young generation.

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Carsten K. Rath - University lecturer

Rockstar of grand hotel management Carsten K. Rath

Rock star of grand hotel management

Carsten K. Rath does a lot of things differently in his hotels too. He believes in innovation out of conviction – even in the face of opposition.

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