From pious hope

to reality

Why are some companies so much more successful than others when it comes to enthusing customers? Why do some companies have this special something

„The entrepreneur and relevance experts Sabine Hübner and Carsten K. Rath explain how uniqueness happens.”

Stuttgarter Zeitung


Because their employees succeed in making every contact with their customers special. Because every employee pulls out all the stops in order to make the customer’s life easier and to exceed his or her expectations. But not even these employees were born with the ‘customer enthusiasm gene’. The characteristics behind this kind of spirit are love of detail, persistence and a systematic approach. The duo Hübner & Rath explain, based on their experience as entrepreneurs and consultants, how they develop and use this system.

The two partners will take you on a journey through various companies and show you which opportunities are embodied in the quality of customer contact.

The result: confident, motivated employees who enthuse your customers and make their lives easier. In the end this then results in a greater turnover and better yields.


welearning applied directly. The participants carry out welearning modules themselves in small groups and discover how easy and convincing this future-oriented learning concept really is.

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