management consultancy

Sabine Hübner and Carsten K. Rath are the founders of, the management consultancy with a focus on customer enthusiasm. Their philosophy and their activities revolve around the aspiration to create a spirit, together with the customer, that attracts, motivates and binds the best talent. Employees who search enthusiastically for ways to enthuse their customers.
The result: customer loyalty, a greater turnover and economic success. - the management consultancy for customer enthusiasmMethods:
Together with our team of specialists we provide individual support to companies using the RichtigRichtig consultancy system from the impulse through the development of a strategy and its implementation and quality measurement. The RichtigRichtig system offers effective methods for the staff management of the future, well-reasoned communication concepts for all levels within the company, innovative further education concepts, live seminars, motivational keynote speeches and the future-oriented learning concept welearning.

Target groups:
Our consultancy clients include companies that wish to place more emphasis on the topic of customer enthusiasm, primarily franchise companies, chain stores, groups and larger small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

We can also use welearning to help small companies to reach this target reliably. The welearning method is just ONE part of the RichtigRichtig consultancy system. The innovative learning concept is so complicated that it is just as effective and focused in SMEs as it is in large groups.

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