Service. Equals. Sales.
How customers become fans for life.


Customer service is the new sales strategy. This lecture provides strategies and specific action plans to build loyalty among your company`s customers in the long term and turn them into multipliers.

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  • "Carstens speech has boosted the motivation of our pre-opening team enormously. Because of his lively, humerous aud authentic way the audience is attracted by the fascination of listening. Carsten is sending out his strong message that it is always about the big picture. His anecdotes are tangible and proof his experience in the hospitality industry, especially when it comes to leadership and service mentality. We can recommend Carsten to anywone who works with people and for people – regardless the hotel business and gastronomy."

    Micky Rosen and Alex Urseanu, Managing Directors
  • "Carsten K. Rath is very authentic and competent. He conveys the contents of his seminar in a new and informative manner. You realize, that he is living and loving service excellence with a lot of passion and professionalism."

    Christian Frommert, Managing Director
  • "It was literally a jolt through the ranks of international medical consultants, as Carsten K. Rath spoke about the principles of the service philosophy. The topic of leadership and passion for service is increasingly important in modern medicine."

    Prof. Dr. Christof Burger
  • "It is nothing like learning from a gifted entrepreneur. Only Carsten K. Rath can provide the passion, creativity, and vision that can make a project a success. I am so impressed how your concept engages all the senses."

    Gary D. Praetzel, Ph.D.
  • "With his very motivating and very interesting lecture Carsten K. Rath enriched our Congress! He argued inspiring and with great expertise, presents entertaining and above all practice-oriented."

    Dr. Erhard Bost
  • "Thanks for your inspiring discussions across industries and generations. All participants of the third World Tourism Forum Lucerne got new perspectives and worked together on new and more sustainable business models."

    Prof. Martin Barth
  • "The quality of service is always of great importance in our. tourist industry.. Carsten K. Rath has managed with his inspiring speech to provide new impulses and creative approaches to enhance our own service culture. Many thanks for that!"

    Heidi Thaumiller, Director of Tourism
  • "Thank you for participating in our meeting in London. You were great and closed our meeting in a perfect way as attested by all the feedback I received. We certainly have a lot to learn from the hospitality sector and your thoughts contributed to make is acutely aware of it!"

    Maarten de Groot van Embden, General Secretary
  • "Motivating and precise! A very impressive speech which gives food for thought. Service Excellence – a subject that will be crucial for the advantage in competition in the future. Mr. Rath, thanks a lot for this stimulating lecture!"

    Silke Laudenberg, Eventmanagement
  • "It is rare for a lecture to enthuse me and motivate my team in this way. Life is indeed grand!"

    Rolf Sigmund
  • "The participants of the 4. Convention of Tourism where totally thrilled. Carsten Rath presented his philosophy of service excellence in the most impressive and at the same time most natural way you could think of. He was very authentic and absolutely professional. A speech which stays in most people`s minds."

    Katrin Hentschel

Lecture content

Better products and even lover prices alone won`t lead to permanent customer loyalty. Whoever wins customers merely based on the price will again lose them the same way; the price. “Digital” alone is also no guarantee of success. The customer-oriented approach works differently today. Customer service is the new sales strategy. In this lecture, Carsten K. Rath shows how customer loyalty works.

  • Visionary, market-oriented, surprising!
  • A company`s success now depends on the “how” and no longer on the “what”. Since products and services are becoming more and more similar, the best sales strategy lies in focusing on how we can meet the needs of our customers – on and offline.
  • Sterile target group thinking is over. Today, customers want personalised attention. Service is the USP that really counts, and attitude, the cornerstone of customer loyalty.
  • Only this personalised service which goes above and beyond and, more importantly, is provided by friendly staff members will ensure that customers become fans for life – and infect others with their enthusiasm.

Target audience

Lecture on customer loyalty, employees & executives in sales and distribution – focus on increasing sales / customer orientation


Benefits for the participants:
Specific (including digital) action plans, tips and techniques for the most important customer magnet: Service Excellence.

Benefits for the organisers:
Carsten K. Rath shows you how to increase your sales by inspiring customers with a personalised service tailored to your customrs´needs.

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