The secret of customer enthusiasm:
(Digital) service excellence is an attitude.


The difference between customer enthusiasm and customer dissatisfaction depends on the behaviour of your employees. This lecture will turn executives and employees into customer satisfaction experts.

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  • "Mr. Rath introduced us on the occasion of our annual Leaders Conference to the secrets of “Service Excellence”. With his inspiring and entertaining keynote, he managed to create an additional motivation-boost for Adecco Switzerland for 2017."

    Nicole Burth Tschudi, CFA, CEO Adecco Switzerland
  • ""A global perspective on the importance of service quality - delivered with passion, energy and humour! Thank you Carsten for giving an excellent keynote speech during our last International Recruitment Forum to our hospitality student community; as the feedback attests, it was greatly appreciated by the audience of international students and faculty.”"

    Florent Rondez, CEO Swiss Education Group
  • "With his speech on the occasion of the 13th International Brand Congress Carsten Rath has put his finger on the weak spots of “service-mentality”. He did so in a very effective and illustrative yet entertaining manner. Attitude and mind-set are obviously no inherited talents – they are based upon a decision und they require leadership. During the follow-up discussion between the participants of the Brand Congress (managing directors, entrepreneurs, executive board members) it became obvious that Mr. Rath had appeared very professional and related to practice and successfully pointed out how extremely relevant the issue “service” is."

    Prof. Dr. Guido Quelle, Managing Director
  • "Storytelling for storytellers -  Carsten K. Rath has shown us with his clear understanding for service and his broad experience once more that the Concierge is rather a storyteller and no revenue generator in the classical sense. It is the stories which create commitment of the guests and thereby transform the Concierge into a “loyalty-tool”. It is always about everything – and for that he has indeed given everything! I say thank you on behalf of all the members of the “Les Clefs d’Or” Germany for sharing this expertise."

    Thomas Munko, Chief Concierge
  • ""I take this opportunity to thank Mr. Rath for his great and innovative speech being the keynote speaker at our annual tourism forum. All participants as well as myself were totally thrilled by his intoxicating way and his numerous encouragements.""

    Dir. Mag. Renate Ecker, Managing Director/CEO
  • "A grand performance, a great experience.  Carsten not only provides plenty of food for thought but affects people directly with his examples. If only everybody would introduce Service Excellence to his company, Germany would become a customer’s paradise."

    Michael Ganser, Senior Vice President Central- und Osteuropa
  • "Carsten K. Rath succeeded in inspiring our congress participants with a firework of service excellence ideas. Motivating and vividly he presented the rules of customer amazement in the hotel industry and showed us how to apply these to our fitness industry."

    Alexander Dillmann
  • "The speech at this year's Swiss Distribution Day in Zurich was sensational. The participants were simply delighted. Carsten K. Rath lives up to his name as the rockstar of the hotel business and Mr. Service Excellence."

    Oliver Stoldt, CEO
  • "When it comes to quality, Carsten K. Rath does not compromise. It's great to see such a symbiosis of passion and precision."

    Wybcke Meier, Managing Director
  • "The lecture series by Carsten K. Rath is a great addition to our academic programme. Our students experience first-hand the opportunities and challenges awaiting them after their studies. His lectures are motivating and inspiring."

    Prof. Dr. rer. Pol. Kurt Jeschke, Rector
  • "I wish everyone in the travel industry had seen his lecture. The satisfaction of customers would no longer be an issue for discussion but a model for other industries."

    Cornelius Meyer, Board Marketing & Sales
  • "At the Call Center World in Berlin, Mr. Rath was giving an excellent speech and you could see that he is living his own credo every minute, well every second. The speech was sensational and the single aspects are easily to incorporate into everyday life."

    Stefanie Nüchtern
  • "Carsten K. Rath swiftly managed to draw all participants of our Summer Kick-Off under his spell. His inspiring words moved and touched many of us."

    Ariane Ehrat, CEO
  • "Carsten K. Rath has been resoundingly successful at bringing home his service orientation to our students in a humorous and effective way. This presentation has been highly appreciated by all attendees, not least because it has been a brilliant start of our conference."

    Wolf Dieter Bauer, Managing Director
  • "Carsten K. Rath is inspiring and very creative. He looks beyond his own nose and motivates. He is smart, professional, credible and he he thinks on his feet. One attendee made the comment: "He definitely knows what he is talking about." Very true. And indeed, he knows! Thank you for letting us participate."

    Dirk Bender
  • "On behalf of the entire team I would like to thank Mr. Rath for his commitment during the SuisseEMEX’14. He contributed significantly with his very fascinating speech to the success of the convention. We have received a lot of positive responses."

    Ewa Ming, CEO/Co-Owner
  • "As we are dealing on a daily base with all sorts of demanding customers, we very well know how important “Service Excellence” is. Unfortunately not everybody is yet aware of that. So much the better that you know with little words how to bring “Service Excellence” across: Your Speeches are authentic, lively and convertible."

    Thomas Hesse, Managing Director
  • "The speech of Carsten K. Rath titled “The quality of customer- encounters” was one of the highlights of our convention. Due to his charming und entertaining way of presenting and his vivid stories from the perspective of a hotelier and practitioner, he was excellently accepted by the participants. They profited from his many hints and suggestions."

    DI Barbara Diallo-Strobl
, Project- and Eventmanagement

Lecture content

Customer service ist more important than ever in the digital age. Once everyone is digital, the relationship with the customer is the greatest opportunity to distinguish oneself from the competition. Thus, the employees that deal with your customers carry a great responsibility for the future: Their attitude determines your company`s public reputation. At the same time, the principle of customer inspiration is undergoing a radical change through the course of digitalisation. The demand on the relationship increases. Digital customers are always up to spped on their favourite brand`s latest developments.

  • Customer-oriented, practical, empathic!
  • Learn the 5-second rule: cordiality, attention and care at every meeting.
  • Service is always personal! Customer enthusiasm needs inspiring service-oriented professionals.
  • Because maintaining relationships, person to person, has the greatest influence on brand value. Your customers talk about your company. You decide how!

Target audience

Employees and executives of all levels
Focus: implementation.


Benefits for the participants:
Innovative service ideas, tips and inspiration to inspire and retain your customers in this digital age.

Benefits for the organisers:
Carsten K. Rath lets you in on the secrets of customer inspiration in the digital age.

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