Let them go on with it!
Why your employees need more freedom

An employee who can´t make decisions cannot inspire customers. This lecture guides executives towards the next generation and reveals the freedoms employees really need in order to obtain the best results from customer encounters.

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  • "Dear Mr. Rath, Our Executive-Meeting was a complete success, especially due to the great impetus you have given. Thanks a lot. The workshop on the following day brought some of our weak points to light but likewise good solution approaches. Only a few days later the tean has already taken positive first steps."

    Gerhard Kaufmann, Managing Director
  • "Mr. Rath has supported our strategic thinking to the current mega-trends in an outstanding way and created an awareness of many aspects in the process of "employer branding"."

    Thomas Münz, Head of Controlling and Finance
  • "Excellent preparation. Courageous lecture concept. Professional implementation. The highest level of energy over eight events. Mr. Rath made a substantial contribution to the sustainable anchoring of partnership between equals."

    Rainer K. Spahl, Mercedes-Benz Truck Sales Germany
  • "Carsten K. Rath understands in his distinctive fascinating and entertaining manner how to transmit useful impulses and knowledge. By doing so he is always authentic and professional – an excellent and inspiring speaker."

    Anna Beitler, Conference-Coordinator

Lecture content

In our increasingly digital world, many managers find themselves in a tight spot on a daily basis: between increasingly confident employees and outdated doctrines. The age of the corporate monkey is over! But how does employee motivation work with young individualists? How can they become part of a team? Carsten K. Rath´s answer tastes of freedom.

  • Profound, inspiring, motivating!
  • Today´s managers are confronted with employees who work quite differently to them and who are looking for quite different challenges.
  • The new generations fo employees are only satisfied if they can make decisions and act independently.
  • Carsten K. Rath swhos how managers and employees can both be happy in the long run with a leadership model that gives everyone the freedom they deserve. It allows employees to display their strengths and inspire customers with their talents.

Target audience

Lecture for first to third level executives up to junior executives.
Focus: Employee enthusiasm / Employee motivation


Benefits for the participants:
The lecture reveals the approach and know-how for those eager to get through to their employees. Teamwork taken to another level ensuring employee motivation and customer enthusiasm alike.

Benefits for the organisers:
Carsten K. Rath shows executives the way to innovative managerial practices: a motivating leadership model without dependencies – and with completely new potential.


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