Without freedom, leadership is just an empty word:
Your customers care how you lead.

It´s always all or nothing! This lecture shows sales people how leadership in the workplace will become a unique selling feature and inspire customers.

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  • "Carsten is authentic and full of energy, you feel the entrepreneurial spirit. The perfect initiator for our entrepreneurial congress in Nuremberg. Thank you!"

    Sabine Michel
  • "Collaboration with Carsten K. Rath is a wake up call to the establishment."

    Dietmar Axt, CEO
  • "Carsten K. Rath is an entrepreneur like no other. Someone who is only satisfied with the gold medal. This is obvious in everything he does and says and is also a major focus in his lectures."

    Dirk Backofen
  • "Carsten K. Rath sets an example of what he says – and he has something important to say! He adds to a subject of which we supposedly have heard already a lot noteworthy new aspects. His language is precise, easy to understand and metaphorical, his examples are vivid, the key massages are concise. Everybody was totally excited: the managers as well as the expert advisors. They have been still speaking about this speech during the ensuing dinner event."

    Michael Stielow, Marketing Director Central & Eastern Europe

Lecture content

Your company`s  leadership culture has today become a selling point. Within this challenge lies a great opportunity. What most appeals to customers is the high degree of freedom of our employees. And suddenly everything is different!

  • Innovative, exciting, implementation-oriented!
  • One of the most effective tools to confront your competitors is still not that well known – freedom in internal und external leadership communication.
  • Today`s customers are attracted to brands that know how to use the freedoms of the new world that we work and live in – most notably through creativity in sales.
  • Customers enthusiasm and real innovation are online possible when employees enjoy the necessary freedom to think and act for themselves. Freedom sells!

Target audience

Leadership lecture for both executives focused on sales and marketing and sales employees.


Benefits for the participans:
Principles and ideas for those who want to successfully sell not only their product but also their company.

Benefits for the organisers:
With this lecture, Carsten K. Rath adds a new dimension to leadership culture as a company`s best USP. Sales people will be inspired. Leadership that generates sales!


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