Everything. Is. Service.
And without service, everything is nothing.


Service ist always based on this question: What does my customer get from it? This lecture enables the audience to recognise the potential of their company to inspire and transform every encounter with a customer into an inspiring moment of Service Excellence.

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  • "Dear Carsten, You have held a very humorous and excellent speech on the occasion of our Servitex Housekeeping Days in Berlin. Within no time you have captured the full attention of all our clients. The subject “Don`t just be unique, be uniquely better” went down extremely well with the listening audience, as you garnished your speech with anecdotes from your professional treasure trove of experience. In an amusing manner you have descriptively set impulses and suggestions. We had a lot of topics of conversation after your speech. The feedback was thoroughly positive and everybody had an inspiration for himself to take home. It is quiet unusual that a professional training is being so charmingly presented and so easily transferred into daily business. Our heartfelt thanks from all of us, which have discovered that we from now on want to be uniquely better. Kind regards"

    Karsten Jess, Managing Director
  • "The management team of the Grand Elysée Hamburg was delighted to listen to the keynote speech of Carsten K. Rath, which was full of courageous statements and motivated to develop new ideas and approaches. Carsten K. Rath always deals with his audience on equal terms and is capable of turning their world upside down - in a very sympathetic and humorous way. We have been touched by the passion, love, dedication and plenty of catching visions of this unforgettable speech. Thanks a lot to Carsten K. Rath, a grand hotelier, keynote speaker and particularly person."

    André Vedovelli, André Vedovelli
  • "You need to remember only one sentence: “You have to like people.” Carsten K. Rath managed to motivate our leadership team in clear terms and with a humorous and vivid speech to transfer the idea of service excellence and hospitality to all our different departments. His heartiness is contagious.  Carsten K. Rath lives what he says. Carsten K. Rath has taken us with dynamic and humor into the world of veritable sincerity."

    Thorsten Klapproth, Chairman of the Executive Board
  • "The speech of Carsten Rath on the occasion of our Managing Directors meeting with the topic “Don`t just be unique, be uniquely better” was not only THE highlight because of the content but especially because of his entertaining and bracingly style of presentation. Due to his many years of practical experience resulting in relevant examples, Mr. Rath provided the participants a lot of new suggestions, ideas and impulses. As a follow-up to our event we have received from all our colleagues an entirely very positive feedback. We are looking forward to working with Mr. Rath again in the near future."

    Franz Heindl, Director International Sales
  • "As the keynote speaker Mr. Rath managed to tune the participants in to the Swiss Golf Forum by his interesting and professional presentation, being sympathetically delivered. His message is clear, comprehensible and focused upon the needs of the attendees to transfer into practise. Everybody agreed on implementing his suggestions and proposals in their daily business. Our wish to start the forum with a highlight was more than fulfilled – thank you very much Mr. Rath."

    Jörg Eggen, Responsable Support et Communication aux Clubs
  • "With service excellence Carsten K. Rath puts his money where his mouth is! Approachable, exceptional and significant. To experience him is enriching and very recommendable."

    Katja Stieghorst, Director Customer, Events and Network
  • "Carsten K. Rath has a clear message. The personal and attentive contact to the customers is crucial in a world which is increasingly becoming more digital. His keynote speech is very descriptive and will definitely stick in the audience's memory. With 1.26 points it was the best evaluation among all speakers."

    Prof. Dr. Böcker
  • "Carsten K. Rath has done great things for Bonn. His hotel is a godsend for Bonn and the region. The Kameha Grand has become the focal point for enjoyment, good food and excellent hospitality."

    Helmut Andreas Hartwig & Arndt Lingohr, Founder of the Arts Award START
  • "Thank you very much for your great contribution to our 25th anniversary. The guests were amazed how you managed to expose numerous examples of service excellence and this for each area of the industry."

    Dr. Edelbert Dold, Deputy Chief Executive
  • "No one of the participants will forget the "5-second-rule" - it was a great pleasure to listen to Carsten K. Rath. He has inspired us and shown multisensory always starts with humans and ends with humans."

    Bert Martin Ohnemüller
  • "Carsten Rath is the rock star of the grand hotel industry..."

    Heinz Horrmann
  • "Carsten K. Raths examples which were related to practice are easily to incorporate into everyday life and inspired us to develop more arrangements related to company leadership, mission statements and customer loyalty within our own company."

    Sabine Biergans
  • "Carsten K. Rath is THE Service-Expert in Germany."

    Hans Demmel, Managing Director
  • "Carsten K. Rath sets high standards with „Service Excellence“. As a brilliant speaker he meets his own standards every time he makes a speech and creates enthusiasm every time anew. His concrete examples are related to practice and inspire for reproduction."

    Gerald W. Huft
  • "Your speech was very entertaining and presented a lot of aspects of an outstanding service. Offering law-based services, we will take some of your advice to heart. The feedback of the participants was likewise very positive - which we hereby would like to pass on to you. Thank you very much!"

    Dr. Michael Fromm, Managing Director
  • "A brilliant speaker expected us, who shook up the participants by provocatively questioning our products and services. Our employees were sensibilized to understand true service excellence.The encounter was truly enriching and delightful.Therefore we can only recommend Carsten K. Rath for your training event."

    Andreas Wyss, Member of the Executive Board
  • "It is always about everything! Those, who are living and working up to this motto will have a wonderful, diversified and fulfilling life."

    Gerhard Albrecht, General Manager
  • "We would like to say thank you for an unique speech to our Executives of the pre-opening team of the Roomers Autograph Collection Munich. With his speech “It is always about everything” Carsten hit the nail right on the head! Especially if you want to place a luxury brand on a market like Munich. Carsten Rath offers a strong rhetoric and many years of experience in openings of luxury hotels. He has been able to take the executives on a mental journey in terms of commitment to quality of the next generation."

    Bardia Torabi , General Manager

Lecture content

Companies are becoming more and more similar, and products are now much the same. The result: customers can no longer be inspired the same way they were in the past. Even the best product and the most beautiful design are no longer enough. Companies that want to play in the Champions League in the future need a new kind of unique selling point. The secret of customer inspiration no longer depends on the product, but rather on the human factor; and the way to achieve this type of customer service is called Service Excellence. 

  • Visionary, future-oriented, entrepreneurial!
  • Only through Service Excellence will a company become a favourite brand. Service is your best unique selling feature, both now and in the future.
  • The recipe for success of the strongest brands is based on the amount of positive stories about the company. These stories are passed on from person to person. And new customers are won through Service Excellence.
  • The How is more important that the What. Leadership is the basis for customer enthusiasm and customer loyalty by providing employees with the necessary freedom.

Target Audience

First to third level entrepreneurs and executives and junior executives.
Focus: Customer Inspiration / Service Excellence.


Benefits for the participants:
Specific strategies, tips and digital action plan for the number 1 unique selling point: Customer enthusiasm through Service Excellence.

Benefits for the organisers: 
Carsten K. Rath shows how great stories of Service Excellence come about and convert brands into favourite brands.

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