Leaders in a free world
Leadership in digital times


An extraordinary company cannot be managed in an ordinary way. This lecture prepares executives for the new requirements and skills that will make their companies
future-oriented in digital times in order to inspire and retain both employees and customers in the long term.

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  • "The speeches of Carsten K. Rath are compelling, authentic and convincing. Lecturing in front of a group of leading Swiss companies he created a glow in the eyes of the audience. Excellent!"

    Prof. Dr. Sven Henkel, Vice Director Center for Customer Insight
  • "Carsten Rath is impressive. He is passionate about his exciting ideas. His management concepts are not exceptional, they are rather unique."

    Markus Orth
  • "Everyone who has experienced CKR nows that delivering service on the highest standard could be possible even in Germany! We all should have the courage to reach out to one another with an open smile to let Germany as a country of service bloom. How? By listening and learning from Carsten and by just doing it!"

    Roland Braun
  • "Inspiring, exciting, innovative, straightforward, catching the audience and above all a lively speech with the right subjects and content. Thanks for joining us today, dear Carsten as the key note speaker at our annual management kick off meeting 2016, great experience for all of us and much appreciated."

    Stephan Interthal, General Manager

Lecture description

Carsten K. Rath shows you the way to the future: to a leadership that no longer restricts anyone and lives up to the freedoms of our digital world.

  • Awakening, inspiring, liberating!
  • Inspiration and communication instead of control and obedience: Commit to freedom!
  • Many managers suffer daily under the obligations that the outdated management system forces on them. Leave behind the doctrines of a restrictive corporate culture and start leading with authenticity.
  • This belief in dependencies is threatening to become fatal for many companies in the completely new world that we work and live in. It is impossible to lead free people if you, as a leader, are not free!


Target audience

Lecture for first and second level executives. Focus: Commercial success / Future security



Benefits for the participants:
Authentic leadership principles and applications for all those who want to be up-to-date and future-oriented leaders, to prepare their companies for success in the digital age.

Benefits for the organisers:
A captivating lecture for executives and entrepreneurs who cannot afford nor want average results.

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