From executive-dependent to brand ambassador
How to bring out the best in your employees

The difference between customer enthusiasm and customer dissatisfaction depends on the behaviour of your employees. This lecture shows how the personal strengths and talents of employees can be combined to form an unbeatable team that will inspire customers.

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  • "Carsten K. Rath is a gifted communicator."

    Gery Nievergelt, Editor in chief
  • "The speeches of Carsten K. Rath are compelling, authentic and convincing. Lecturing in front of a group of leading Swiss companies he created a glow in the eyes of the audience. Excellent!"

    Prof. Dr. Sven Henkel, Vice Director Center for Customer Insight

Lecture content

Only employees that have been granted the necessary freedom to make their own decisions and act independently can inspire customers. But how does an executive-dependent employee become a free-thinking and acting brand ambassador?

  • Personal, practical, effective!
  • Establish an open communication culture. Employees can only freely develop their talents and strengths if they are not afraid of criticism and mistakes.
  • Recognising communication barriers, promoting team dynamics. Why individualists are often the best team players and what they need from their leaders.
  • Leraning together means acting together. How a completely customer-focused attitude promotes team spirit and yields better results.

Target audience

Lecture on talent development / employee development, executives and employees / personnel development / training, internal/external trainer


Benefits for the participans:
Orientation and action plan to prepare employees for the new possibilities of the customer-oriented business approach.

Benefits for the organisers:
In this lecture, Carsten K. Rath provides personnel trainers with tips and techniques to reveal the true talents and strengths of employees.


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