The freedom
to inspire

A person’s experience is found in the stories he or she has experienced. The sum of Carsten K. Rath’s stories is the reason for the freedom of this leader. Book a keynote speaker who has more to offer than off-the-peg management phrases or knowledge they have acquired through reading! As an entrepreneur and a grand hotelier with more than 25 years of management experience Carsten K. Rath is familiar with all human life. His lectures are rich in personal stories and anecdotes about our times that you have surely never heard before: turbulent episodes from the world of service and surprising personal insights into the mechanisms of success.

Carsten K. Rath has managed the balancing act: he not only speaks to both managers and employees from his soul but he also appeals to their conscience – he is honest, humorous and empathetic. The constant focus: his award-winning expertise in implementing management and service excellence techniques. From business life and onto the stage – it doesn’t get any more authentic than this.

Book Carsten K. Rath

Leadership lecture

Carsten K. Rath takes managers of all levels on a journey into the future: to a leadership that no longer confines anybody.  Speak freely, act freely, decide freely – without fear of the consequences.  Inspiration and exchange instead of control and obedience:   Join us on our journey to freedom!

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Lecture on staff management

Many managers find themselves in a tight spot on a daily basis: between increasingly confident employees and outdated doctrines. So how is it possible to motivate these young individualists and to commit them to working as a team?

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Lecture sales leadership

Thanks to Silicon Valley: The management culture of a company is now a sales argument. In this challenge lies a great opportunity: Leadership with a high degree of freedom is most attractive to customers.  And suddenly everything changes!

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Lecture on service excellence

Every company lives off its customers. Or rather every company lives off its loyal customers. But how can a company gain and keep a loyal customer? And how does this customer become a fan of the company and a long-term contributor to its success?

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Lecture on management

Dependence is a popular management philosophy. Most managers believe, at least secretly, that their employees need control – and fail to notice that they themselves are not free. They build up barriers in their companies out of habit and these bring the system to a standstill.

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Duo lecture “The best way to be different is to be better”

‘The customer is king’ – many companies lay claim to this motto. But a smart slogan doesn’t do the job. How can a company really stand out from its competitors and make sure that the customer keeps coming back and the best employees stay

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Duo lecture on customer enthusiasm

Why are some companies so much more successful than others when it comes to enthusing customers? Why do some companies have this special something? Because their employees succeed in making every contact with their customers into a special contact.

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