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Carsten K. Rath writes books about the things that motivate him: the leadership of the future. The secrets of service excellent. The milestones of grand hotellerie. And his experiences on the path to independence. Start reading them now!

Sex only in the suite please

Sex only in the suite please

A Grand Hotelier´s life

Carsten K. Rath has compiled curious and amusing stories with educational value from his more than 25 years of experience in the world’s best hotels across four continents. He reveals what first class service is really about, how to recognise a really good hotel and how to get to the top – not only in his sector.

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ISBN-10: 345132959X
ISBN-13: 978-3451329593
Verlag Herder; 1. Edition Verlag Herder; 1. Edition Verlag Herder; 1. Edition
Publication date: 29. January 2015 Publication date: 29. January 2015 Publication date: 31. March 2015
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A wonderful journey. Carsten Rath’s book is not only an enjoyable reading experience about the global hotel industry but also an intelligent companion about dynamism and how life changes with us – and how we can change it ourselves.
Professor Nico Hoffmann

Success is no accident. It does still exist – the journey from rags to riches. Carsten K. Rath is one of the best examples of this success in our sector. Wanting and being able to serve is a worthwhile path and I am sure that this book will encourage a lot of people to discover the wonderful hotel industry as their spiritual home as well as a place to earn a living.
Frank Marrenbach, CEO Oetker Hotel Collection

I consider Carsten to be the unofficial world champion of service excellence. Having made many joint visits with Carsten to hotels and restaurants I now understand what makes a service world class. If service and service excellence were performance sports, Carsten would surely now hold these world records. His book, which is written in a humorous and casual style, describes the world of grand hotels in many countries in a personable and interesting way. Carsten shows us how this world works, both on the frontline and behind the scenes. The book is cheerful and exciting at the same time and takes us on a journey through the world of celebrities, artists and cochards.
Carlo Thränhardt, Leichtathletik Legende

Carsten’s rise to fame – a truly captivating experience! Carsten has once again got to the heart of the matter. He shows us hidden and exciting aspects of contemporary events as well as giving us amusing insights into this other world and manages to illuminate the glamorous world of celebrities in exotic settings. He is the rock star of grand hotellerie and his life is as inspiring as his book.
Normann Stadler – Duathlon und Triathlon Weltmeister


The best way to be different is to be better

The best way to be different is to be better

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In today’s world, products and services are identical to many others and brands seem like clones. This means that customer confidence disappears in seconds. Service excellence becomes the most important differentiating feature, cordiality and personal service the most decisive source of trust. Service excellence has long since developed into a solid economic factor which now determines the added value created by all economically successful countries. However, most companies are lagging far behind, particularly regarding these requirements.

Sabine Hübner and Carsten K. Rath looked closely at successful companies from all sectors and found the ten factors that make them different, that make them better, and that lead to service excellence.

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Hardback edition
€ 24,99
240 pages
ISBN-10: 3868815317
ISBN-13: 978-3868815313
Redline Verlag; Edition: 2.
Publication date: 13. June 2014


I am not actually very fond of advice books: ‘Das beste Anderssein ist Bessersein – Die Geheimnisse echter Service-excellence(‘The best way to be different is to be better – the secrets of real service excellence’) is one of the few exceptions. Firstly, service (and particularly bad service) is a constant topic throughout the book and secondly, I like the unconventional and sometimes also provocative approach that the book takes. For example, that good service is not an add-on but rather a factor in the success of every company, whatever its sector or size. And also that it is therefore worth investing in good service. But what I like best: service excellence begins at the very top and needs to be demonstrated by the management. Service willingness is a delicate flower that needs care. An above-average level of service willingness will never prosper in authoritarian companies where the boss is always right.
Hans-Jürgen Klesse

Many companies really do work. It is extremely pleasant that Sabine Hübner and Carsten K. Rath recognise that already in the introduction – in a time in which many consultants are trying to prove to us that we are outdated. It always reminds me of a quote from the series ‘The Big Bang Theory’: “Let’s begin with the premise that everything you’ve done up to this point is wrong”. The quote comes from Sheldon Cooper, a character who irritates everybody with his completely misplaced, rationally abbreviated judgements. Read more
Rene Borbonus

At last a book that concentrates on what is important. What does the customer/guest really want, not what do we think he or she would like and how can we translate this thought into action. The structure is excellent, easy to understand and I particularly like the chapter on leadership. Make your problem as a leader that of your team and work together to find a solution instead of delegating the solution. This is exactly what motivates employees and makes them loyal to the company. Integration of the team is very well depicted and encourages immediate implementation. Mrs. Hübner, Mr. Rath, I take my hat off to you, a great book!
Imke Fenne

A double dose of service excellence from Sabine Hübner and Carsten K. Rath shows that the desert that is service still needs a lot of water to be different and more correct, more understandable and measurable.
Companies that achieve unusual things need excellent management. To score points in service you need intelligence, education, experience, skills and, most importantly, an interest in working with other people – employees, suppliers, partners, customers. This book shows in a structured and pointed way that excellent service is effective outside rigid guidelines. It’s just different.
Claudia Fischer


55 Reasons for You to Open a Grand Hotel

55 Reasons for You to Open a Grand Hotel

What you always wanted to know about grand hotels

Susanne Rath and Carsten K. Rath opened the Kameha Grand Hotel Zürich on August 28th, after 705 days of construction stress with good and bad surprises, a lot of effort and many setbacks. In this book the authors describe why they can’t stop opening more and more luxury hotels, compiled in 55 amusing, informative and gripping anecdotes.

“55 Reasons for You to Open a Grand Hotel” is a mixture of commentary, everyday philosophy and hotel stories. In short: a wonderful homage to a different world.

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Hardback Edition E-Book
€ 25,00 € 15,99
240 pages, hardcover 240 pages
ISBN: 9783867745192 ASIN: B014TDY5AE
Murmann Verlag; Edition: 1. Murmann Verlag; Edition: 1.
Publication date: 3. September 2015 Publication date: 3. September 2015
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The fact that high demands on service quality require not only sound professional knowledge but also, and primarily, a level of emotional intelligence is a central theme of this book. In the end it is important to include employees and to teach them that they can make each contact with a guest into something special. Read the full review at AGHZ
Frank Marrenbach, CEO of the Oetker Collection

How often has Carsten told me unbelievable, crazy stories about all his hotel opening experiences. But being behind the scenes myself for an opening was something entirely different.
Sabine Hübner, Entrepreneur for Service Culture,

A very personal chronicle of a hotel opening – and a handbook for a passionate service philosophy. A must for hotel and service enthusiasts, for fans (and also critics) of the two authors.
F. Beckmann (Amazon)

Who would have thought… that opening a 5-star hotel could be so stressful and could involve so little glitz and glamour. The readers feels as if he or she is reading in the lobby and is part of everything that happens.
IrmiBN (Amazon)

The small and large miracles of the hotel industry are described with great wit and charm. Stories of a ‘test’ check-in during the pre-opening phase, told from the housekeeping team, that got the hotel shining in time with tireless team spirit and, last but not least, of course about the guests themselves at the Kameha Grand Zürich. Entertaining and highly charged…
Leonie S. (Amazon)

And these hosts are the perfect match for their hotel. This enthusiasm is contagious, not just for us guests but obviously also for the hotel staff. This enthusiasm and identification with their own workplace can be felt throughout the book.
Dirk Müller (Mr. DAX)