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Why your employees need more freedom

In our increasingly digital world, many managers find themselves in a tight spot on a daily basis: between increasingly confident employees and outdated doctrines. But how does employee motivation work today? The lecture conveys the approach and know-how you need in order to get through to your employees. Teamwork taken to a whole new level with Carsten K. Rath!

Lecture content

The signs of our times are unmistakable: The working world and our business activities are not the only things that are changing through industry 4.0. New generations of employees are also bringing a different approach, their very own ideas about work and entirely new competencies to the workplace. Today’s managers are confronted with employees who work quite differently to them and who are looking for quite different challenges.

Managers are faced with an unprecedented task: The way our teams work is fundamentally changing – and employee leadership can and will continue to grow. The new generations of employees are only satisfied if they can make decisions and act independently. They require new freedoms. Leadership would do well to give these to them – because today, the customer sees everything.

Carsten K. Rath shows how managers and employees can both be happy in the long run: A leadership that gives everyone the freedom they deserve. It allows employees to display their strengths and inspire customers with their talents.


Target audience

The lecture is aimed at first to third level managers who are confronted with the challenge of increasingly heterogeneous teams. It is also suitable for junior managers, who themselves are among the digital natives.



This lecture provides managers with innovative management practice. Impulses and tools to manage employees with completely new potential – profound, inspiring, motivating!


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