Without freedom, leadership ist just an empty word:
Your customers care how you lead.

Your company’s leadership culture has today become a selling point. Within this challenge lies a great opportunity: What most appeals to customers is the high degree of freedom of our employees. And suddenly everything is different! Carsten K. Rath presents you a revolutionary approach, to not only perfectly sell your product, but also your company.

Lecture content

The hunt for digital customers is in full swing: Everyone is digitalising their sales channels, their customer communication and their advertising. However, not everybody is talking about one of the most effective levers that can be used to meet the growing competition in new markets: leadership culture.

Today’s digital customers see everything, know everything and greatly value a company’s human charisma: Who works there, how do they work and does the brand suit them? Today’s customers are attracted to brands that know how to use the freedoms of the new world that we work and live in – most notably through creativity in sales. Only then are all the dots joined, and the brand becomes visible to the customers.

Customer inspiration and real innovation are only possible when employees enjoy the necessary scope for decision-making and action, to sell both themselves and the company in an up-to-date fashion. Freedom sells!

This lecture shows salesmen and women how leadership will become a unique selling feature in their company and enthuse customers.


Target audience

The lecture appeals to managers focused on sales and marketing, but also sales employees, who now need to sell a holistic philosophy to new (digital) customers in new markets instead of simply a product or a brand, for which a human approach is integral.



Carsten K. Rath gives a new dimension with this lecture on leadership culture: as a company’s best USP. Salesmen and women will be enthralled: Leadership which generates sales – innovative, implementation-oriented, profitable!


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