Leaders in a free world
Leadership in digital times


Carsten K. Rath shows you the way to the future: to a leadership that no longer restricts anyone and lives up to the freedoms of our digital world. In this lecture you’ll learn authentic leadership principles and get help on how to apply them, in order to lead in a manner that fits our times and is future-oriented and compatible with digitalisation. Prepare yourself and your company for industry 4.0 success!

Lecture content

Many managers suffer daily under the obligations that the outdated management system forces on them. Others believe, usually secretly, that their staff need control above all else; and don’t even notice that they are not free themselves.

This belief in dependencies is threatening to become fatal for many companies in the completely new world that we work and live in. It is impossible to lead free people if you, as a leader, are not free.

Inspiration and communication instead of control and obedience: Commit to freedom!

The lecture shows entrepreneurs and managers specific development potential and courses of action on the path towards a digital future: How can leadership change and: how must leadership change so that your company still remains successful tomorrow?


Target audience

A thrilling lecture for leaders that cannot afford to and do not wish to deliver standard results – especially those who are already feeling the pressure of digital competition and want to save their companies from the new competitors.



A captivating lecture for managers of all levels and entrepreneurs, who want to spruce up their companies for the digital competition – enlightening, inspiring, liberating!


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